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Dark matter direct detection phenomenology package

DDCalc is a software package for performing various dark matter direct detection calculations, including signal rate predictions and likelihoods for several experiments.

A full description of this package and the physics framework behind it can be found in the GAMBIT DarkBit paper:

  • T Bringmann, J Conrad, JM Cornell, LA Dal, J Edsjö, B Farmer, F Kahlhoefer, A Kvellestad, A Putze, C Savage, P Scott, C Weniger, M White & S Wild 2017, EPJC submitted, arXiv:1705.07920

If you write a paper that uses DDCalc, please cite this paper.

DDCalc releases can be obtained as tarballs from Hepforge. The latest and greatest version, along with a full revision history, can always be found in the git repository. Compilation and usage instructions, as well as a number of example programs, can be found in the code release.

Maintainers: The GAMBIT Dark Matter Workgroup (ddcalc@projects.hepforge.org)
Many of the routines in DDCalc were originally contributed by Chris Savage (chris@savage.name)